We put our trust and hope in Christ, who has led us thus far. With boldness we venture now with a time of breaking new ground, planting more seeds and sending them in the spirit of authentic partnership in the Gospel.

With humility we offer all our labors to the Lord, knowing it will take us and all our brothers and sisters in Christ towards a fuller realization of that unity for which we pray.

In the words of the Waterloo Declaration “We rejoice in our Declaration as an expression of the visible unity of our church in the one Body of Christ”. We are ready to be co-workers with God in whatever tasks of mission to serve the Gospel. We give glory to God for the gift of unity already ours in Christ and we pray for the fuller realization of this gift in the entire church.

We do not know to what new recovered or continuing tasks of mission this concordat will lead our church, but we give thanks to God for lending us to this point. We will entrust ourselves to that leading in the future, confident that our full communion will be a witness of the gift and goal already present in Christ “so that God may be all in all”.

We will hold true to our motto “By looking into a metaphorical mirror” the kind we hold up to our souls. We will refocus our faith life and realign our relationship with God through years of reflection. Let’s continue in our support of one another in their calling.