I am in the house of God.

It is my duty to contribute to the making of this present assembly, into a habitat of the Holy Spirit.

I therefore agree to personally identify my weakness and my shortcomings before God, and to seek his forgiveness.

I agree to fully corporate with leadership and those who serve in this assembly for the effective worshiping of God.

I agree to forgive all those who have wronged me, without condition to the freeing up of my spirit to worship.

I agree to be honest in my giving and to let my action reflect the true thought of my mind.

I am in the house of God and will not be distracted by persons or personalities, things seen or unseen, things present or absent.
(turn to your neighbor)

I am in the house of God and I will be completely focused on the purpose of our assembly, and pledge to completely surrender to the will of God.

Are you in agreement with me?